Newtide was firstly launched in 1975 as a monthly fashion & lifestyle Chinese magazine. After more than 30 years of steadily revamping, Newtide is the role image of the today's trendsetters highly enhance with a sense of lifestyle. Every each month, Newtide is creatively extracting the latest fashion trends, beauty news, lifestyle gadgets and exciting happening all around the world. Newtide is the first Chinese magazine selected and subscribed by Malaysia Airline System (MAS) as their official in flight magazine in key international routes. In shorts, Newtide is the magazine that brings new inspirations to your life!

创刊于 1975 年,《 NEWTIDE 新潮 》一直尽心地为读者倾力发掘各类新鲜趋时的话题,与众不同的角度,引发生活的新感受。

《 NEWTIDE 新潮 》时尚全面的资讯报导,从基本的个人魅力提升开始,学习打造亮丽外表,《 NEWTIDE 新潮 》提供了由头到脚的美丽秘诀;美容、美发、时装搭配、打扮风格,让美丽轻松升级;内在的充实,《 NEWTIDE 新潮 》从个人生活习惯与心灵成长著手,唤醒潜在的能力与智慧,全面提升内在与外在兼具的个人魅力。

事业上的难关,《 NEWTIDE 新潮 》教你如何从容应付,即使是棘手的两性关系、精明的理财之道,新鲜的保健资讯……,丰富实用的知识,让读者充份体验到阅读《 NEWTIDE 新潮 》的乐趣与新鲜的感受。